Budapest: City of Wonder and Wonderful Spas

    Hungary’s dazzling capitol of Budapest attracts droves of awe-struck visitors each year who flock to relax in its healing thermal waters, gaze in wonder at amazing architecture and immerse themselves in the city’s historical charm. Most of the … Continued

Prague: A Millennium’s Worth of Wonder

    The medieval city of Prague sparkles like an European gem against the skyline. With a plethora of historic spires stretching toward the clouds, the serene Vltava river flowing by, and enough baroque buildings and Gothic churches to explore … Continued

Kyoto: Ancient City of Mystery and Wonder

    A reverence for historic temples and cultural splendor come together on the island city of Kyoto, Japan. The country’s former capital and seat of the Emperor now welcomes visitors who seek out its picturesque gardens and bright, red … Continued

The Blissful Serenity of Hakone

    Set against the blissful backdrop of Mt. Fuji, the serene town of Hakone is among Japan’s many treasures. A magical escape from the hustle and bustle of nearby Tokyo, the region boasts relaxing onsen, excellent art museums, natural … Continued

Nara: Hailed Hub of History and Devotion

    Home to major temples and artwork of the 8th century, the historic city of Nara, Japan welcomes visitors wishing to experience rich history and mesmerizing temples of the region. The first permanent capitol of Japan, Nara is home … Continued

The Best Airports For A Layover

    Layovers are seldom fun, as most seasoned travelers would agree. Moreover, layovers are growing significantly longer as airlines fly increasingly larger planes while reducing their number of flights. Fortunately, a handful of well-managed airports around the world are … Continued

The Cardinal Rules Of Carry-Ons

    There are numerous advantages to flying with only a carry-on, and the benefits span from departure to arrival and back again. You’re able to save money by not checking bags, avoid the possibility of losing your luggage, and … Continued

The Value Of Renting A Car While Traveling

    A rental car is like purchasing the freedom to have the trip that you want to have. After all, we have only a finite amount of time to experience a near-limitless number of sights and activities, and public … Continued