Amsterdam: A Neighborhood Filled with History, Beauty & Excitement!



Amsterdam is the largest city in Holland, with just over a million people. That being said, this multi-cultural city warmly embraces over 3 million people each year into their beautiful city.

This city carries vibes of history, beauty, and fun. Its canals district is an internationally protected heritage site. This city used to be the economic hub of the world and many of the canal houses and warehouses supposedly date back to the same age, i.e. around the 17th Century.

The city is a gripping collection of scars from past wars, modern culture, century-old recipes, and a high amount of canals to make this place, the Venice of the North.


Things to See and Do

You haven’t seen Amsterdam if you haven’t seen the Dutch paintings. Famous museums like the Rijksmuseum focuses on paintings from the Golden Age. However, there are over a million other artworks to view. Dedicated to the legendary 19th-century painter is the Van Gogh Museum, located nearby.



If you’re looking for a fancy brunch, lunch, or dining after your artistic explorations, head on to De Kas Restaurant. An exquisite restaurant with lovely staff who would go that extra mile to make you comfortable on a cold night or a rainy afternoon. But what matters is – The Food. Rest assured, the reviews left for De Kas, will not only astonish you, but it will also inspire you to go there often for a new experience every time you visit!


However, apart from a range of intriguing food vending machines, if you’re craving a fresh snack that’s both savory, delicious, and not that filling? Try out Amsterdam’s most famous stroopwafel stand called – ‘Original Stroopwafels’. Its founder has honed in on a delicious & unique Waffle-making skill using Gouda, a top-secret recipe from a famous baker in the city. It is an old-school food truck located near the famous Albert Cuyp Markt. (Cuyp Market).
But hold on! There’s a lot more to do (and munch on) at the Cuyp Markt since this is literally one of Europe’s largest markets, so don’t go YOLO on just a plate or two of Wafels! Reserve at least 4-5 hours if you truly want to experience every nook & corner of the Cuyp Market.



Another fun fact about Amsterdam is the number of Canals you’ll come across! With about 165 canals, this is the Viena of Northern Europe! If you’re in the mood for a boat cruise, tour, etc. A quick google search will deliver a range of great options to you!


Interested in antiques? Local clothing? Vintage Artifacts or more? Stop by one of Amsterdam’s most famous Flea Markets. The Waterlooplein Flea Market, which is also one of the oldest and most famous Flea Markets in Amsterdam.



And finally, the happy ending. Literally. Well, not literally. We’re stopping at ‘happy’ because apart from the other obvious adventures, what Amsterdam’ is also well known for is its great Cannabis and Cannabis Product Stores. One such store that’s very much famous, is the Magic Mushroom Store. Here you’ll find hemp, hash & cannabis-related products meant to give you a nice kind of high, crafted to elevate your happiness and enchant your stay in Amsterdam with the happiest of moods.



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