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Nearly endless resources are available to help you plan that next big getaway. Travel guides, blogs, and apps, each offer different views on globe-trotting. It’s become so easy to learn about popular destinations, when to travel, what to eat, and must-see attractions. But what about common travel mistakes and pitfalls that can turn an otherwise fun trip into a stressful situation? This week’s Travel Tip Tuesday outlines a few things you can do to make your next trip a little more stress-free.


Have A General Plan

Before you leave, make an outline of what you’d like to do on your trip. Map out a few things in advance, like activities, points of interest, and best places to eat. You’ll have less anxiety once there, and have fewer doubts that you’re missing out on something.

Planning for how you’ll get around is also a confidence booster. Weigh your options among using local public transportation vs. renting a car, and get to know the layout of where you’ll be visiting.


Know Local Costs And Currencies

Spending money can be fun, but also stressful, especially if you’re unsure about how much you’re really shelling out. It’s not uncommon to shop in situations where prices aren’t marked. Being quoted a price at the checkout counter can be unnerving if you’re unsure about values. Take a few minutes before your trip to lookup exchange rates online and make a “cheat-sheet” showing what the foreign equivalent would be for major denominations in your own currency.


Ensure Access To Funds

There’s nothing scarier than being locked out of your bank account when you’re in a foreign country. This happens to travelers more often than you’d think, as banks have tightened security to fight fraud. Before embarking on your trip, give your bank and credit card merchant a heads up about your travel details. Many banks and credit card companies allow you to do this online by setting up a travel notification.


Plan For The Unplanned

While preparing for a trip is a big plus, be careful about taking it too far. Scheduling every hour of every day leaves no time for unplanned events like a delayed flight. Add some padding to your schedule for a slower pace, making your vacation more relaxing.

Choosing the right mindset and approach to problems during a trip can also greatly reduce stress. Bring something creative with you to work on if you’re delayed. Remind yourself that people and weather are unpredictable. Choose to not be hard on yourself if you end up making an error. Mentally preparing for the unexpected builds a great defense against any trip related stress.

Use the suggestions from this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday to inspire you to visit new places, live new experiences, and create new life-long memories that truly stand out in your mind.


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