Best Fall Festivals And Events In America



Fall brings the harvest season. A colorful, cool time of the year where people try to get outside before dropping temperatures force them indoors. All across America in the months to come, national and local festivals will be popping up across the country to welcome in the new season with celebrations of delicious food, live music, dancing, and much more. Make sure to get out and experience the wonders of what this fall has in store!



Alpine Village Oktoberfest
Torrance, California
September 08 – October 22

If you have interest in the legendary Oktoberfest but know that Germany is too far of a trip, consider visiting the Alpine Village Oktoberfest in Torrance, California for a rivaled parallel experience. Join other merry enthusiasts in the celebration of beer, traditional dance, stone throwing competitions, and all things Deutsch.



The Barbecue Festival
Lexington, North Carolina
October 28

Pitmasters, chefs, grillers, and sauce makers practice all year to showcase their wonders at The Barbecue Festival. The festival is more than just a day full of the world’s best BBQ; it’s a cheerful, exciting, and lively event that features live music, amazing food (obviously), a car show, vendors ready to help bring your grilling game to the next level, and plenty of entertainment for children.



West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta
Tualatin, Oregon
October 21

If you have never before witnessed a regatta race wherein the competitors substitute giant pumpkins in place of standard sailing boats, you are in for a treat during your visit to this event. The race is pure fun, entertaining through and through. Witness the craftsmanship that each racer pours into their custom-made vessels, and laugh along with the cheering crowds as the costumed-captains race in a most ungraceful fashion toward the finish line. Tualatin hosts a variety of pumpkin-themed competitions during this time of year, so come prepared to bowl with pumpkins, play 18 holes of pumpkin golf, showcase your pumpkin-decorating skills, and, of course, to stuff yourself with outstanding pumpkin pie that’s waiting at your every turn.



Nantucket Cranberry Festival
Nantucket, Massachusetts
October 07

Now boasting more than 100,000 visitors annually, the Nantucket Cranberry Festival is quickly becoming the largest cranberry festival in the country. There are so many things to do here, you will never have a dull moment. You can expect to find cranberry tours, contests that award prizes, gourmet seasonal delicacies, a giant parade, and much more. Hundreds of vendors are present to sell their best local/seasonal goods that are found nowhere else. Don’t forget to sample a cranberry cocktail during your stay – you won’t regret it!



Trailing Of The Sheep
Wood River Valley. Idaho
October 04 – 08

The Trailing Of The Sheep festival is one of the last truly authentic cultural festivals. This event celebrates the heritage and tradition of more than 150 years of transporting sheep from their summer fields in the mountains to their winter-grazing pastures in the valley. The five-day festival is packed full of activities and entertainment which spans storytelling, great food, cooking classes, traditional performers, and live music. Few other such opportunities exist for one to witness 1,500 sheep being corralled downtown along main street – this unique and cheerful event is not one easily forgotten.



Sundance Film Festival
Park City, Utah
January 18 – 28, 2018

Here you will have the chance to view works from the world’s best storytellers and filmmakers. The Sundance Film Festival features masterful creative works that range from documentaries, to narrative films, to theater, and much more. Keep your eyes out for some of the most famous pop-culture icons who can often be found walking amidst the crowds. Start planning for this event now. Tickets go on sale to the public October 18, 2017.



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