The Travel Set Go team provides an in-kind donation to certain nonprofits and organizations that help the community. Our donation, a VIP Membership ($199 value), can be given to each volunteer/employee of your organization to recognize them for their service. Some non-profits utilize our donations to reward volunteers and staff with a recognition gift.  Other nonprofits utilize our donation to be used part of incentive to attend a fundraiser or as an incentive to donors to donate on an online campaign like

What is Travel Set Go? We are an online travel agency similar to and Travelocity.  We operate under a revenue model similar to Costco where we generate 90% of our revenue from the sale of memberships. In turn, we provide our members wholesale rates on hotels, car rentals and cruises.  Travel Set Go is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

What does the VIP Membership entail?  A VIP Member of Travel Set Go can take advantage of unlimited savings on 400,000 hotels world-wide, lowest prices on cruises, rental cars, and vacation condos, plus a no cost travel concierge that can be contacted by phone to help plan a trip. Each VIP membership lasts one year and can save you thousands!!!

How can we guarantee that our wholesale prices are lower than Travelocity and or refund 110% of the difference?

Because these public sites can only offer a “retail” price that is provided by each hotel to assure a consistent price under a practice called “rate parity.” Hotel chains do not want public sites to undercut their published rates. Because Travel Set Go is a “members only” travel agency, we are able to offer wholesale rates because we are not subject to “rate parity”.

To demo our site, just select the “sneak peak” button on our homepage.

Note: Our prices include all hotel taxes. To compare our prices to other travel sites, you must go to their check out page to see the total price with taxes included.

If our in-kind donation can benefit your organization, please complete the form below. Upon review, Travel Set Go will contact you for additional information.

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